Welcome to the Durango Performance Center


DPC is happy to sponsor the 4 Corners Cyclo-Cross race series!

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To be a nationally recognized center for athletic development, sports cardiology and medicine, high altitude physiology research facility and developing Durango as a premier location to draw athletes domestically and internationally to live, train, and work.
·    Offer medically supervised, state-of-the-art diagnostics to give athletes and coaches the information they need to achieve their potential.
·    Perform health screenings for the maintenance and monitoring of peak health and the identification of health issues.
·    Contribute to research literature in the field of exercise physiology.
·    Provide educational opportunities to students aspiring for careers in exercise science.
·    Support athletes and coaches with progressive methodology and technology in their training.
·    Serve the entire Durango endurance sport community.
·    Create a center of excellence that will draw athletes and coaches from all over the world.