Durango Performance Center Retul Bike Fitting


--- DPC will NOT be offering Retul bike fitting until further notice later in 2016 ---


Do I need a bike fit? Who needs a bike fit?

If you clip into your pedals, hence using clipless pedals, you can benefit from a bike fit. The sport of cycling, whether done recreationally on occasion or frequently and competitevly, is very repetitive and fitting the bike to your specific biomechanics is essential. We fit road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclo-cross and time trial bikes. A proper bike fit done by a professional is important to:

- Improve your comfort 

- Optimize your efficiency

- Increase your power

- Prevent injuries

Why choose bike fitting at Durango Performance Center?

here at DPC, we use the Retul 3D Dynamic Motion Capture system for a good reason - it is the best bike fitting tool in the market for a few great reasons:

- Dynamic fitting: unlike most passive bike fitting and body geometry equations used to calculate estimated measurement, the Retul system measures you the why it matters most - when you're riding your bike! the system captures motion and the fitting is evaluated as you pedal your bike. The Retul methods provides an accurate and realistic evaluation of the cyclist.

- 3 Dimensional: the Retul system is able to provide fit data that shows how all the applicable movments of the cyclist come together in all dimensions, and not just two dimensional (used in traditional static bike fits or video fits).

- Accuracy of measurement: small adjustments in bike fitting can make a world of a different on efficiency, performance, comfort and injuries. The Retul system provides less than a millimeter accuracy to provide objective data for the expert bike fitter. 

What should I expect during my bike fit?

- Bring your current bike and tight fitting cycling clothes (spandex shorts and jersey, cycling shoes). Make sure bike and shoes are clean and in working condition. No need to bring a bike if you're fitting for a future bike (as part of a new bike consultation)

- Bike fits can last about 2 hours, so please arrive well hydrated and fed.

- An initial assessment of the cyclist will be conducted to address any of the concerns relating to the current bike fit.

- 8 LED markers will be placed on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, heel and toe.

- As the cyclist pedals, the Retul system will record real time three dimensional data on both left and right sides. This data is analyzed for the fitter's review and adjustments are made appropriately.

- Using the Retul system, the fitter will take accurate measurements of your new bike fit and compile them into a simple and easy to read report. The new bike fit report can be sent to your email if required.

- All the motion capture and bike measurements data are stored at the fitter's computer for future follow ups if needed.

Examples of bike fit reports:

- Bike measurements 

- Motion measurements

 Contact our office at (970) 403 - 0555 ext. #5 to schedule your bike fit,

or by email rotem@durangoperformance.com