Phillippides Project, Inc.
A non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of cardiopulmonary and cardiovascular performance and health in the community, from youth and elite athletes to seniors and those already diagnosed with heart, lung, or vascular diseases.

·         Provide needs-based financial subsidies for physiologic testing and monitoring.
·         Facilitate fund raising and grant procurement to support developing athletes as well as to support development of a healthy lifestyle amongst our youth and promote health and wellness amongst seniors.
·         Promote human research in the exercise sciences and cardiopulmonary medicine to benefit the health of our community and human kind.
·         Develop and support an annual exercise physiology conference to be held in conjunction with the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic with qualifying subject matter attending to the medicine and science of exercise, sport and human performance.
·         Develop and help finance annual cardiac screening for high school and collegiate athletes to reduce the risk for sudden cardiac death.
·         Promote human powered transportation as a means to a healthier community and environment.


Current Board: Andrea Mull, President and Brad Pickett, Vice President
Applications are being accepted for additional members
Philippides Project, Inc. is a non profit corporation, IRS 501(c)(3) status pending