Durango Performance Center

Lab Grade Training Sessions

Durango Performance Center provides a state of the art sports lab facility and exercise physiology expertise to your benefit, as a beginer to elite athlete or a coach, in order to perform clinical grade workouts that are monitored by advanced eqipment and expertise.

The first step will be to gather required athletic information from the coach or athlete in order to analyze and understand the training needs and specificity of the sport and the athlete. Both exercise specialist Rotem Ishay and exercise physiologist Dr. Bruce Andrea will be happy to share their expertise in order to collaborate with the athlete and/or coach to provide valuable training at the lab. Lab training sessions are desinged to fit any endurance athlete at all levels and therefore they are 100% custom designed to your goals and fitness level.


Among our lab training sessions we can provide:

- Metabolic monitoring: our Parvo Medics TrueOne 2400 metabolic cart provides important real time metabolic data during exercise such as: oxygen consumption, carbs to fats utilization ratio, respiratory and ventilatory data, energy expenditure and more.

- Lactate monitoring: our Lactate Plus analyzer provides lactate analysis during exercise and helps monitor steady state endurance training and evaluate lactate clearance capacity. 

- Cycling / Rowing / Running: choose your sport between our Concept ll indoor rower, treadmill, and RacerMate Velotron fit adjust bicycle.

- Wahoo KICKR power trainer (COMING SOON!): this power controlled cycling trainer will give you a realistic road feel and almost endless training opportunities, including road videos and virtual reality, to provide the perfect training on your personal bike!

- Hyper and Hypo oxygen training (COMING SOON!): training with supplemental oxygen (sea level or "lower") and training with limited oxygen (high altitude training) can take your endurance preparation to the next level. Training should be prescribed accordingly to your endurance needs/event.

Contact lab director Rotem to schedule and design your personal DPC lab training

Phone: (970) 403 - 0555 ext #5

Email: rotem@durangoperformance.com