Durango Performance Center is happy to announce its second year as the title sponsor for the regional four corners cyclo-cross (4CCX) racing series!

The 4CCX series has been an annual fall-winter racing tradition among local cyclists. Throughout the years, the 4CCX competitions took place in many different locations in Durango and in recent years even expanded to the greater four corners region, to include race venues in Dolores, Aztec, Cortez and Pagosa Springs as well. The 4CCX series is growing in numbers (participants, spectators and races) and even in our "distant" location we are able to produce a high level of racing and competitive passion similar to the races around Denver/Boulder area.

Come visit the Durango Performance Center tent at the races!


How can Durango Performance Center help the cyclo-cross racer get better ?? As an endurance development center, DPC can offer multiple services to help you perform better on your bike:

- First priority is a professional bike fit. You don't need to be a competitive ctclist to benefit from a bike fit, if you're "serious" enough to clip-in to your pedals (to use clipless pedals), then you will greatly benefit from a professional bike fit - better comfort, improved effeciency, increased power and prevention of overuse injuries. Our bike fit expert Rotem Ishay will use the latest Retul 3D motion capture technology to give you the best fit, and will provide additional checek ups after your rides to make sure you're within ideal range.

- Performance testing is crucial for proper training and preparation. Cyclo-cross is extremely intense, diverse and agile discipline of cycling. Training should be appropriate to its nature but most importantly personalized to your fitness, goals, lifestyle and experience level. Performance testing helps gather physiological data over your fitness level and helps construct useful training zones and training plan.

- Performance training at the lab can help you get the best personalized training sessions. According to your fitness and training goals, our exercise specialist Rotem can help design a lab workout protocol. By using the latest exercise physiology equipment, these workouts are very efficient in getting the most of your training. These structured lab workouts are recommended once per week, but no more than twice per week. 

For further questions and scheduling please contact Rotem at (970) 403 - 0555 ext #5 or email: rotem@durangoperformance.com